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DMU 210 FD

DMU 210 FD

The DMU 210 FD five-axis machine allows five-sided and five-axis simultaneous machining and turning in one setting. This combination guarantees high precision and cost savings. This model accommodates a maximum load weight of 11,000 lbs.


X-axis travel 70.9 in1,800 mm
Y-axis travel 82.7 in2,100 mm
Z-axis travel 49.2 in1,250 mm
RPM 10,000
Tool Holder Type HSK
Tool Storage Capacity 60
Rapid traverse rate mm/m (ipm) X: 2,362 Y: 1,574.8 Z: 1,574.8X: 60,000 Y: 40,000 Z: 40,000
Spindle drive motor kW(hp) 44/3259.0/42.9
Floor space mm (in): w x d 344 x 230 in8,743 x 5,844 mm