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NT5400 DCG / 1800SZ

NT5400 DCG / 1800SZ

The NT5400DCG / 1800SZ is the ultimate integrated mill-turn center, providing increased productivity and superior process integration, thanks to its cutting-edge technology.



X-axis travel 40.9 in1,040 mm
Y-axis travel 10 in255 mm
Z-axis travel 76.4 in1,940 mm
RPM 2,400
Tool Holder Type CAT50
Chuck Size 15 in381 mm
Tool Storage Capacity 20
Max Turning Length 75.6 in1921 mm
Part Diameter 36.2 in920 mm
Bar Capacity 4 in103 mm
Rapid traverse rate mm/m (ipm) X: 1,574.8 Y:1,181.1 Z: 1,574.8X: 40,000 Y: 30,000 Z: 40,000
Spindle drive motor kW(hp) 37/3050/40
Floor space mm (in): w x d 236.4 x 176.9 in6,005 x 4,492 mm