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Original Technologies


Our technology is your competitive advantage

You want fast, cost-effective and high-precision machining. Our proprietary machining technologies help you get there. Developed over years of tireless R&D and customer-feedback analysis, our four original technologies are changing the face of manufacturing and promoting success like no other machining technologies on the market:



DCG: Advanced vibration-reduction technology

DCG technology

In machining, vibration is the greatest enemy. When structural components of the machine move, they generate rotation vibration proportional to the distance between the driving point and the center of gravity. By driving structural components at their center of gravity, DCG® (Driven at the Center of Gravity) technology minimizes vibration. This in turn optimizes the quality of machined surfaces, improves accuracy, and increases machining time and tool life.


DDM: The world’s fastest rotary-drive-axis system

DDM Technology

DDM® (Direct Drive Motor) technology transmits power directly to the rotary axes without using gears—eliminating backlash and achieving more efficient drive than ever before. Because there are fewer parts to wear out, maintenance is reduced and machine life increases. The technology greatly improves transmission efficiency when compared with conventional worm gear systems, which allows for high-speed rotation and better indexing. One hundred-percent in-house manufacturing ensures the most reliable, high-quality performance possible.


BMT: A revolution in turret milling

BMT system

In conventional lathes, the motor must transmit power through several machine components, including gears and belts, causing heat and vibration that can negatively affect machining accuracy. By building the motor inside the turret in our BMT® (Built-in Motor Turret) system, we have dramatically improved the milling process. This revolutionary design (the first of its kind) is more energy-efficient and effective, eliminating transmission losses and improving cutting performance.


ORC: A new shape for better machining

ORC structure DMG MORI

ORC® (Octagonal Ram Construction) is a revolutionary feed structure that maintains the advantage of conventional square guides—superior damping characteristics—while overcoming sliding resistance caused by high-speed travel. The heat-symmetrical structure minimizes thermal displacement, and the center of the moving part stays in the same position for the most precise high-speed machining.