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NMH10000 DCG

NMH10000 DCG

Equipped with a high-speed trunnion table, the NMH10000 DCG is a high-precision, 5-axis horizontal machining center that offers the best parts machining in the world. By combining DCG for outstanding acceleration and low vibration on the 3 linear axes and DDM for the world’s fastest rotary 2-axis control, we created this new-generation 5-axis machine which offers unparalleled performance for complex-shaped work pieces such as impellers and turbine blades to work pieces with 3D curves such as dies and molds.


Mill Orientation Horizontal
X-axis travel 61 in1,550 mm
Y-axis travel 63 in1,600 mm
Z-axis travel 51.2 in1,300 mm
RPM 10,000
Tool Holder Type BT50
Tool Storage Capacity 60
Rapid traverse rate mm/m (ipm) X, Y: 1,653.5, Z: 1,417.3X, Y: 42,000, Z: 36,000
Spindle drive motor kW(hp) 30/2540/33.3
Floor space mm (in): w x d 183.5 x 361.8 in4,660 x 9,190 mm